Meet Blue

Meet Blue!  Blue would be John’s blanket.  He LOVES this thing.  From the very first time Andy wrapped him in it as a small baby to now and beyond, he always carries his Blue.  When he was a baby, it had a calming effect on him like I have never seen.  Wrapping him in it meant that he would instantly stop crying and often go right to sleep.  Andy and I used to call it “The Magic Blanket.”  The older John got, it became his security blanket.  It got the name, “Blue,” because we would always say, “Go get your blue blanket.”  Blue blanket became “Blue.”  Every morning when he comes upstairs to our bedroom, he will climb in our bed and say, “Will you nuggle (snuggle) me with Blue?”  It’s repeated at nap time and again every night.  Today, I thought to myself, “Oh, Blue, what would we do without you?  Thanks for always making John happy!”  I know it’s just a blanket, but Blue is so much more to John.

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