Alia is 3!

Alia Lowery is 3!  I can hardly believe the pretty girl is 3.  When I was pregnant with John, Rachel was pregnant with Alia.  Alia REALLY signals the end of “babydom” for me.  The Lowerys and the Kassels have no more babies in our houses!  It’s happy and sad at the same time, but I digress…  To celebrate Alia’s birthday today, we went to McDonald’s for dinner and then to Going Bonkers! (otherwise known as Bonkers).

Andy was proud because I finally gave up and climbed around on all the play equipment at Bonkers.  It was lots of guilty fun!

After fun times at Bonkers, we went back to our house for Strawberry cake with some of the most awesome frosting I’ve ever had.  It was a great night!  Love you Alia!  Happy Birthday Pretty Girl!

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