School Bus!

I got the school bus situation worked out yesterday and a bus stop was added at the end of our street.  I told Laura last night that she would be able to ride the school bus today and she was so excited!  **Insert jumping up and down, screaming with happiness, five-year old sounds here.**  I almost missed her getting on the bus, because I had to take John to daycare earlier than I intended.  He was very upset that he was couldn’t ride the bus with Laura.  It was off to daycare early in an effort to calm him down, or rather make him forget. I told Andy to make sure that he took pictures just in case I didn’t make it back to the house in time.  Here they are!  Laura walking to the bus stop.

Laura getting on the school bus.  Note the two shadows on the ground.  That’s Andy and I pretending not to be choked up.

I should say that given Laura’s general need to have things never change, she has handled going to Kindergarten so incredibly well.  The transition has been surprisingly easy and we are so proud of her!

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