Ridgeway Elementary Open House

Tonight, we took Laura to the Ridgeway Elementary Open House so that she could see her classroom.  She was excited because she got to see her cubby and check out the classroom.  We also dropped off her school supplies.  We weren’t in the classroom for long as it was a busy time, but she at least knows where she will be going now.  Outside the school, the kids got to enjoy popsicles and then we stopped at a couple of tables to sign Andy and I up for PTSA and then potentially sign Laura up for Brownies.  After all the excitement, we headed to Culver’s for a good dinner!  Laura, who originally claimed NOT to be hungry and then wanted to eat at home, plowed through most of her cheeseburger and french fries.  After that, it was frozen custard time – chocolate with M & Ms please!

For John, it was ketchup with chicken tenders and french fries (Yes, I *do* mean ketchup first because it’s his favorite food…it does not qualify as simply a condiment for him).  For his dessert, it was vanilla with M & Ms.

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