St. Louis!

I went to St. Louis to meet up with Carol Tisdale today.  Carol is a great friend from college and was the maid of honor in my wedding.  I left about 12:30 for St. Louis and sent her a text to let her know I was on the road.  We kept the location updates going all the way to St. Louis.  We went to St. Charles for a little shopping, to dinner at Zia’s On The Hill (awesome Italian should anyone every need a great restaurant!), and shared lots of great conversation.

This was our before dinner wine at Zia’s while we waited on our table.  The trip was so much fun and reminded me of why I miss Carol so much.  She is a true friend that you can pretty much say anything to and there is no judgement.  She’s also the type of person that you can go without seeing for a year and it’s like you were never apart.  We both decided that we need to do this more often!  Love her!

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