1st Birthday Party

Today, we went to the ARC (Activity and Recreation Center) for Ben’s first birthday party.  Ben is the youngest child at daycare.  Both Laura and John LOVE the ARC because their swimming facilities are just really neat.  They have a kid pool, jumping ledges, a lazy river, a swirlie pool, and a big slide.  Laura was very excited because her best friend EVER, Kathryn, was invited and planning to be there!  Upon arriving at the ARC, I didn’t think John was going to make it to the birthday room before he had all his clothes off to go swimming.  We did manage to eat pizza and cake though before hitting the pool.  A great time was had by all and we were sad to see the party end.  We could have stayed and swam all day if we wanted, but John was extremely tired and Laura’s eyes were really bothering her from the chemicals.  Upon arriving home, Daddy set up Toy Story 2 for the kids and they snuggled under blankets and relaxed.

Laura and Kathryn enjoying cake

John enjoying cake

All the kids with Ben while he digs into his giant cupcake

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