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Valentine’s Day Preparations

We spent a little bit of time preparing for Valentine’s Day tomorrow.  Laura and I made cards on my computer and then printed them.  She colored them for her daycare friends, Cheryl, and Grandma Sylvia.

Laura was very proud of the completed Valentine’s Day cards!

While at Moser’s Foods yesterday, I asked Laura what kind of cookies she wanted to make for her daycare friends.  She saw this cake and decided that’s what she wanted!  So Chocolate Heart Cake it is!

You’ll note the cake has a blue bow.  They also had a cake with a red bow, but Laura said that we couldn’t get that cake.  Why you ask?  Because girls can’t wear red bows…except for Laura because red bows match her pretty hair.




Scenes from Valentine’s Day

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  1. jeremy

    I got home and realized I left my valentine there 🙁

    I wanted to put that on my refrigerator 🙁

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