Things Kids Say

A conversation with Laura this morning went like this:

  • Laura:  Mommy, is it Gymnastics Day at daycare today?
  • Me:  Yes, Laura it is.
  • Laura:  Yay!  (She said this while jumping up and down).
  • Laura:  Mommy, I have a headache.
  • Me:  I’ll give you some medicine.
  • Laura:  OK.  Mommy, I’m going potty now.
  • Me:  You do that Laura.
  • Laura:  Mommy, Jessie (her Toy Story doll) fell off my bed this morning, but I rescued her.

Now, notice that none of those 4 things she told me about have anything to do with anything else.  She must be my daughter, because I do that all the time!

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