The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly….

The Good…..a new 32-inch flat screen television for our bedroom!  My parents’ house was hit by lightning over the summer.  The TV in their bedroom would no longer turn on.  Dad didn’t want to wait for the TV to be fixed, so he bought a new one with the insurance settlement.  The old TV was still under warranty through Sam’s Club.  Dad went ahead and returned it to have it fixed.  Since my parents don’t  need a second 32-inch flat screen television…..

The Bad……our current “refrigerator!”  Our refrigerator began to warm over the weekend and didn’t stop.  I made a service call to Sears this morning and I am waiting for them to come do a diagnosis.  The food from the refrigerator side went into the coolers.  Not everything would fit, but we got what we could in the coolers.  It’s cold outside so the food is fine.  The frozen food went into our small garage chest freezer.

Note the ice on the bottles of juice?  Well, *that* is the ugly.  We are in the beginnings of a storm that includes freezing rain/sleet and, ultimately, snow.  Predictions are 12-18 inches of the white stuff.  There is a winter weather advisory in effect until Wednesday at 6 pm.  Come on Sears……I need the refrigerator fixed as soon as possible.

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