Project 365 My Way

I keep hearing a lot about Project 365.  Jill first planted the seed with BlumeNation POTD (Picture of the Day), but I’ve heard a lot about it since then.  It’s a neat concept.  Journal about your everyday life and document with pictures every day for a year.  One downside to it….I would have to scrapbook and take a picture every day and that is not something I’m particularly interested in doing.  Also, you are supposed to start on January 1.  Well, since I had a nasty hangover (damn Funky Monkeys!) that didn’t much work for me either.  So, I’m changing it up a bit!  I’ll blog it and start my year now.  Sometimes I’ll document with pictures and other times not.  Sometimes it might be one line long and sometimes it could be a book.  Sometimes it will be superficial and other times it will be substantial.  Depends on my mood that day.  I might even skip a few days here and there.  I’ve been feeling a lot of stress lately from a number of things.  Feeling edgy a lot and trying desperately to be even keel.  Maybe journaling my life and being able to look back will be a good outlet.  Give me a fresh perspective on things.  So, here’s to you Jill for getting me headed towards Project 365 – My Way.  Let’s get this started.

2 thoughts on “Project 365 My Way

  1. Glad to see Jill’s influence which I must say is indirectly my influence … I introduced her to scrapbooking and I have created a monster … then I got her on Project 365 … and now One Little Word … time will tell what will be next … ENJOY chronicaling your “everyday” this year!

  2. I just have to say that Jill has got me hooked on Project Life and Denise. Now we have Erica in her own little way joining the craziness that we all love. I am so glad to see your project life. It is truly amazing! Avry even gets involved sometimes and it truly is amazing. I can not say it any other way.

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