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Sometimes all it takes is a push that you never knew you needed…

Running to Keep Up

It was a little bike riding by the kids with me running to keep up!  Not a bad way to spend a couple of hours in between the rain.

Easter Decorations

It is Easter decoration time at the Kassel Castle.  I am loving decorating for each holiday just a little more this year because it is all new!

The Time Has Come…

The time has come for the first mowing of the year!  I guess it is really time to start making this yard “ours.”

Upward Awards Night Take 2

It was John’s turn for Upward Awards Night.  His team only won one game, but they improved at each game.  John played well throughout the year and it was great to watch him get better as the season progressed.  I know he will miss basketball, but it is on to baseball!

Upward Awards Night

Laura’s Cheer Season with Upward ended tonight with Awards Night.  Her cheer team got to do one more cheer for the families and we also got to see an Illusion show.  All the kids also received a very nice string backpack.  Laura really improved this year and I know that she will miss cheer.


Mady used to live next door to us when we lived on Harold Court.  They moved about a year before we did.  Recently, Laura advanced to Intermediate 2 and she and Mady were reunited in class.  It is good to see old friends!

Faith Stepping Stones

As part of the Sunday School program at our church, each class learns a different thing.  This is Laura’s last year for Faith Stepping Stones because the Confirmation program begins for her next year.  The Fifth Grade class does the books of the Bible.  As part of the process, the kids make a project to show the congregation as the video of them reciting the books of the Bible is played.  Laura wrote the books from the Old Testament around the cross on her poster board and Emma wrote the books of the New Testament on her board.  The girls did a great job and I loved their projects!

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