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Interesting Dinner Conversation…

It was interesting dinner conversation at the Kassel Household tonight.  First, Laura decided to pass gas, which led to John saying that he thinks he needs to marry Reagan Lyman (his “girlfriend” who gave him the best Valentine EVER) because she likes when he burps.  This led to Andy nearly spitting his wine back out and choking while I was laughing so hard that I was crying.  God help me.  At least, they are cute.  Why did we have kids again?!?

Herb Garden

We hope we have found the perfect spot for our summer herb gardens.  We have an area behind our front boxwood bushes and off our front porch that has only a rose bush and a vine plant in it.  It is a good-sized area and is easy to reach.  For this year, we planted Basil, Flat-leaf Parsley, and Oregano.  I am looking forward to fresh herbs again soon as I was thinking that it would be a few years before we could plant some again!

Garage Door Opener

Smarr Garage Doors is here to install a new remote for our Garage Door Opener.  I am so happy that the garage door now opens consistently and on the first push of the button!  Next up is a new garage door.  We have an idea of what we would like and Smarr is going to work up some quotes for us.

Tiger Gymnastics Invitational

Today was the Tiger Gymnastics Invitational.  Laura did a great job despite having just moved up to the Intermediate II level last month.  She cannot do all of the moves, but she did her best.

She earned one blue ribbon and three red ribbons and she was happy with her performance.  Way to go Laura!

The Tradition Continues…

Laura received her letter for Band at West Middle School along with the instrument that she will play – the Clarinet!  Laura was jumping up and down because she was so excited and this momma was smiling from ear to ear.  I cannot wait for her to get started!  Here is to hoping that someday, she decides she wants more and picks up that Tenor Saxophone that her Grandpa Ralph and I played.


There is nothing like a last-minute sleepover with a great friend!

Cub Scout Pack Meeting

John’s Cub Scout Pack got to have a K9 demonstration at their meeting tonight.  It was a big hit with all the kids.  John was a bit sad that he couldn’t pet the dog, but he understood that the dog is a working law enforcement officer.  John declared the demonstration “really cool” and he was very happy that he got to see it.

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