Passing on the knowledge to the fourth generation!  It is Laura’s first apple pie with homemade pie crust. She’ll be making the family pie crust recipe with the best of them soon!

03 01 IMG_8792

Recently, a lot of evenings in our house have been spent just like this.  Andy is reading “The Lord of the Rings” series to the kids.  They are nearly done with “The Fellowship of the Ring.”  The kids are enjoying it and are looking forward to watching the first movie over spring break.

02 28 IMG_8788

Oh the joys of home ownership…  Ninety-five percent of the time, I love it.  The other five percent, not so much.  We are getting ready to install our third over-the-range microwave.

02 27 IMG_8786

After great Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences (way to go kids!), we are enjoying a dinner out to get this three-day weekend started!

02 26 IMAG0046

Damn.  I missed it.  Post #1,500 passed me by.  I realized this morning that yesterday was post #1,504.  At first, I was really annoyed that I missed #1,500.  Then, I thought, “Wow.  1,504 posts.  That is pretty amazing considering that I thought I *might* make it to 30 posts.”  I am lucky.  I made it past 30 posts.  Memories…  The goofy, the fun, the sad, the happy, the pain, the anger, the indifferent, the change, and the lost days are all recorded here for us to look back on some day.  To this post, #1,505, I say “thank you” because I will look back at you someday and remember that, today, I feel lucky.  Lucky that I have this to remember all those things that I would otherwise forget.  Memories that will not be forgotten.  And *that* is irreplaceable.

02 25 IMG_8782

The registration for Camp Mudd gets mailed tomorrow.  Here’s to hoping that none of the weeks are full.  The kids are ready for another fun summer!

02 24 IMAG0044

Yummy dinner with the family at Jazz!

02 23 IMAG0043