John will have his Unit A teacher for Summer School for two weeks.  He is very excited to see Mrs. Hanney again!

05 24 IMG_0404

The garden is planted!

  • Six Tomato Plants – Big Beef, Red Heirloom, Cherry Tomato, and Yellow Tomato
  • Six Pepper Plants – Green Bell, Red Bell, Yellow Bell, and Jalapeno
  • One Zucchini Plant
  • One Eggplant Plant

05 23 IMG_0402

We went to the Open House for D & D Animal Sanctuary & Rescue this afternoon.  The farm is roughly three miles from our house and it is a sanctuary/rescue for all different kinds of animals, including big cats.

05 22 IMG_0390

On our way in, we ran into Rachel and Alia.

05 22 IMG_0384

The place is very impressive.  They do great work with so many different types of animals on limited funds.  They have two open houses a year to raise money.  I was happy to see that there were a lot of people there.  It seems that the word has gotten out.

As we wandered through looking at the different animals and talking to some of the volunteers, we came across a White Peacock.  What a beautiful bird!

05 22 IMG_0395

We stayed for about 90 minutes and Laura finished two steps for her “Animal Habitats” Junior Girl Scout Badge.  It was a great way to spend a little bit of time on a Sunday afternoon.

John finally got his wish.  Caleb is here for a sleepover.  Let the fun begin!

05 21 IMG_0380

All he has to do is turn those feet just a little bit more and swing a tiny bit earlier.  When he gets that, it will be “Outfield City” when he bats…

05 20 IMG_0367

John went to the St. Louis Zoo today for his school field trip.  Just like Laura on Tuesday, he was so excited that he woke up at 5:15 am.  John had a great time!  He got to run around the zoo with Caleb, one of John’s best friends.  John’s favorites of the day were Big Cat Country where he got to see a snow leopard with a “really, really long tail” sleeping in a tree, the Mammal house, and the Herpetarium.  Thanks to Becca, Caleb’s mom, for hanging with the boys today and for snapping this picture for me!

05 19 IMG_0983

My attempts at Picture of the Day…

The “Can I rest my arms on John’s head please Mom?!?” picture…

05 18 IMG_0359

The goofy picture…

05 18 IMG_0362

The almost there picture…

05 18 IMG_0363

The money shot!

05 18 IMG_0364