It was a nice, relaxing Memorial Day.  We started the day with the Lowerys at the Salute to Veterans Parade in downtown Columbia.  As always, the highlight of the parade for the kids was the Golden Knights jumping into the different intersections and then giving high fives to the jumpers as they carry their parachutes back to their meeting point.

05 25 IMG_9403

We spent the rest of the day doing some cleaning, cooking, and relaxing.  Jeremy joined us for dinner and Bacon Explosion – good food and drinks, a great friend, and family.

05 25 IMG_9413

I am lucky.  I get to enjoy a barbecue with my family and a great friend on this day.  Thanks to all the servicemen and servicewomen who stand up every day so that I can do exactly this today.  Most especially, thank you to all the people who gave their all and to their families who remember them on this day.  Without you, this country would not be what it is today.  I appreciate all the sacrifices that you make for the rest of us.  Our flag flies for you today.  Thank you.

We went to the Dothage household for an evening of fun, relaxation, drinks, and great friends.  The kids played all night and the adults chatted the night away.  It was the perfect way to spend a Sunday evening on this three-day weekend.

05 24 IMG_9393

It was a beautiful day for the Salute to Veterans Airshow and we had a great time!  We arrived just after 11 am and found a spot to sit.  Then, we headed off to see the various planes that were on display on the tarmac.  We started with the C-17.  As we were wandering through the kids were asking all kinds of questions.  One of the servicemen who works on that crew showed the kids a picture of a tank strapped down inside.  John was amazed.  AMAZED.

05 23 IMG_9346

Next, we visited the Dawn Patrol planes and a recreation of a Curtiss JN4 Jenny.  Such a neat thing to see!

05 23 IMG_9352

After a lunch of burgers and chips, we settled down to watch one of our favorite parts of the show.  The Canadian Forces Snowbirds 431 Air Demonstration Squadron were here again and, as always, they did not disappoint!  What a show!  I even managed to get some great pictures with my pocket camera.

05 23 IMG_9359

We watched several different demonstrations, including a parachute jump from the US Army’s Golden Knights.  John is absolutely fascinated with this team.  He loves to watch them jump from planes and carefully land!

05 23 IMG_9386

We also got to see T-28B Trojan and a MV-22 Osprey demonstrations.  The airshow wrapped up with a Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet, which is super loud and fun to watch.

Unfortunately, we had to wait a while on a shuttle back to Columbia.  Between the airshow fun and the shuttle wait, Laura got a little tired.  The “Queen of Never Tired” actually fell asleep on the shuttle…  I think that might be the most impressive thing I saw all day!

05 23 IMG_9391

It was a fun day and we all had a great time!  Now, time to relax after a busy day!

At the Cub Scout Pack 2 meeting this evening, John transitioned from Tiger Cub to Wolf.  In a small ceremony, the parents presented the new Wolves with their Wolf slide.  Typically, the new wolves should have also received the Wolf neckerchief, but the Boy Scout store in Columbia was out of them.  So, the Pack will present John with his Wolf neckerchief at a later time.

05 21 IMG_9330

As a surprise to our new Wolf, Andy stopped at the store and picked up a new Wolf hat for John.  Here he is!  Our proud, new Wolf!

05 21 IMG_9332

A sure sign that school is ending in this household is new artwork on the kids’ display bars.

05 20 IMG_9317

Laura’s class took a field trip to Grant’s Farm today.  Andy went along and led a group of three around the park.

05 19 IMG_9285

They went to the “Animal Encounters” and “Elephant Education” shows.  They got to see lots of different animals, including a wallaby and her joey (baby).  I think I might even be rubbing off on that husband of mine…

05 19 IMG_9277

He saw this sign and took a picture of it despite Laura’s demand to know why.  I saw this picture and immediately knew it was going to have to be part of the Pictures of the Day.  Andy told me that is the reason he took it.  See?  I am rubbing off…

It was a fun day for both Laura and Andy even though they did not get to see the Clydesdales.  Our family will definitely have to schedule a visit soon!