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Sometimes all it takes is a push that you never knew you needed…


Waiting to be picked up for a birthday sleepover is agonizing…

Practice, Buddy, Practice

Everything has been transferred to the new baseball bag.

#51 is ready!

The first practice was successful, but hard.  It was John’s first time batting with a pitching machine.  I could tell he was disappointed this morning.  He said, “That machine was so hard!  I only made one really monster hit, Mom.”  I smiled and said, “Practice, Buddy, practice.  In two months, that machine is toast, but, right now, it’s the hardest thing ever.  Practice, Buddy.  Practice.”  John said, “I wonder if Kris Bryant ever felt like this.”  Yes, Buddy, I bet he did…

First Practice

It has really begun.  John had his first competitive baseball practice tonight.  I have no idea where this will lead (if it leads anywhere), but I am proud of him for trying despite being nervous and scared.  Just get the ball in play, John.  Ball in play.

Copic Markers

Santa’s last present for Laura finally arrived today.  His elves do not make these in the workshop, so he had to have them shipped.  The Copic markers are a specialty art marker that came all the way from Japan.  This kid is excited to try them out!


The decorating struggle is real.  Andy and I are working on moving some things around in our downstairs family room, so we can finally display the clock that Dad made us for our wedding again.  We also hung up a shelf that Dad made for us in our very first apartment before we were even married.  I think I like the shelf at the bottom of our stairs, but I think the space around the clock is just too bare now.  Andy just shook his head at me.  This is going to drive me nuts until I can fix it.  Maybe I am just too picky.

Girl Scout Cookie Rally

Laura’s Cadette troop volunteered at the Girl Scout Cookie Rally today.  They ran the craft station, making Ella the Elephant puppets.  The girls did a great job and worked great as a team.  Way to go Troop 62262!

Dinner Out

I am still sick, so Andy took the kids out to dinner.  Originally, the kids wanted to go to Olive Garden.  When that had a forty-minute wait, they decided on Agave Mexican Restaurant.  I wish I could have joined them, but maybe next time.

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