It is project day at the Kassel Household!  It begins with “The Great Lego Project of 2014.”  This basically entails putting together every Lego set we have to determine if we are missing any pieces.  This project has been going on for roughly a week and has seen Lego project after Lego project.  Surprisingly, we are missing very few pieces.

12 20 IMG_8282

It ends with Andy putting together our new bar stools!  We bought new bar stools because the previous set is suffering from “end of life” issues that includes the seat part falling off one of the old ones.  This new set of stools did not come largely preassembled, so these are taking some effort.  Thanks to Andy for working so hard to get the job done!

12 20 IMG_8284

It was a day of pajamas and parties!  First, the kids got to wear their Christmas pajamas to school.  The Ridgeway Elementary Student Council worked hard to get a pajama day added to the schedule and today was it!  Both kids were very happy and excited to wear pajamas to school.  They each ended the school day with holiday parties.  I helped in the snack room for John’s party and Andy helped by calling Bingo for Laura’s party.  I did manage to sneak away for a few minutes to snap a picture of John while he was working on the snowflake craft.

12 19 IMAG0736

Both kids had a great time at their school parties and it was a fun start to Winter Break.  For Laura, the fun continued with her Brownie Troop.  They had a holiday party, still wearing their pajamas, that involved badge work, a card exchange, and a treat exchange.  She, along with the rest of the Brownies, had a great time!  You can never go wrong with pajamas and parties!

12 19 IMG_8281


12 18 IMG_8270

Chippy, our Elf on the Shelf, wrapped some presents for me and arranged them under our Christmas tree! He’s such a helpful elf!

12 17 IMG_8267

We attended the Ridgeway Elementary Winter Choir Concert this evening to watch Laura perform.  The Ridgeway Choir has been “on a tour” as they had already performed three other times.  They sang for the Optimist Club, the residents of Oak Towers, and for the students and staff at Ridgeway.  Laura was very excited to finally get to perform for us and to sing five of her favorite songs from the movie, “Frozen.”  The choir sounded great and we are proud of Laura for continuing in choir.  Great job kiddo!

12 16 IMG_8262

The top sheet was in Laura’s backpack today.  She is doing very well writing her name in cursive.  She was very excited to show it off!  The bottom sheet is John’s handwriting practice.  He has really improved.  I think both kids are doing well!

12 15 IMG_8241

Laura wrote her Family Communication Journal, or FCJ, to Chippy this week.  This presented a challenge because, well, Chippy is an Elf.  An.  Elf.  Fortunately, I discovered that Chippy wrote back this morning.  Laura was very excited to read it!

12 14 IMG_8235