The Pets

We finally have a place to put the pets. Unfortunately, we had to put the casts of their paws away as they were degrading, but their boxes and pictures have a place. Also, the dried roses on the bottom shelf are from the different arrangements at my Mom’s service. I feel like another project that we never could quite finish is complete. It just took three years to find the “right” shelves. Now, maybe, I will finally find those elusive curtains for our basement sliding glass door.

Patching and Painting

Andy worked on patching some holes and painting today. He also got everything that he needed to install two new lights by the sliding doors on the back of our house.

The house is in disarray right now as he works on the different projects, but I can tell that he is happy to finally have time to get some of these things done!


Andy is on a staycation to complete some house projects this week. Up first is building some new shelving for our storage area.

Eventually, there will be three in this room. He hopes to get two done this week. This will provide a lot more storage and also give us the opportunity to go through the storage room. It is time to clean it up!

BSA Game Day 2.0

John and Laura spent the day at the Boy Scouts Game Day 2.0 event (2.0 means “year two”).

Laura spent the day hanging out and playing for fun while John and his friend, Daniel, competed in the Super Smash Bros. tournament. They made it to the semifinals!

Both kids had fun and John is already talking about next year. He also mentioned that two members of the Columbia College eSports team were there to talk to the kids. John said, “They actually have to workout too, Mom! They focus on their arms.” I just smiled.