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Holiday Parade

It was the Columbia Jaycees Holiday Parade today.  Both Laura’s Girl Scout Troop and John’s Cub Scout Pack were in the parade.  Special thanks to Keith Dothage for lending the Pack his trailer!

I managed to snag one picture of the kids during set up before the parade.

I would say that this year’s parade was more like loosely organized chaos, but still a fun time.  I walked with Laura and her Girl Scout Troop while Andy drove the Cub Scout Pack through the parade.  The girls had a great time handing out bookmarks to the kids along the route.

John had a great time with his Pack handing out candy.  Of course, they ran out of candy early again.  No matter what you tell them that always happens.  I think they get too excited!  It was another successful parade.  Thanksgiving can officially begin!

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who supported John and his Cub Scout Pack.  He sold $350 of popcorn and meats this year.  We all appreciate your support!

Tough Day

It was a tough day.  With Thanksgiving getting close and preparing for Andy’s family to be here, memories were swirling of past Thanksgivings.  Andy and the kids gave me plenty of space today as I binge-watched Gilmore Girls, had some wine, and relaxed.  It will be very strange not calling my mom this year.  I really miss her.


It was the Raingutter Regatta for John’s Cub Scout Pack tonight.  No wins for John’s boat, but he had fun and enjoyed working on his boat!

Kitchen Lighting

We have been fighting a battle in our kitchen.  It is not particularly well lighted.  Andy had installed one under-cabinet light and it helped, but certainly did not make a huge difference.  Today, he added four more lights around the stove area and by our kitchen sink.  It is a much better and definite progress forward!

Band Showcase

Laura had her first band showcase at West Middle School today.

I have to say that I was impressed with how well the kids played especially given that they just started a few months ago.  There were minimal squeaks and the sound was good.  Great job kids!

“The Lemonade War”

John hates reading, and I mean that he hates it.  So, when he realizes that he has to read to finish homework, you take advantage.  He will be reading five to six pages out loud to Andy or I per night from  “The Lemonade War” by Jacqueline Davies.  I was happy to see that John didn’t struggle all that much with the words.  Progress!

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