That cold we have all been fighting seems to have hit Andy the hardest.  He actually went to the doctor today.  You know he’s feeling bad when he actually goes to the doctor!  It was an antibiotic for him…

11 30 IMG_0442

This is Laura’s Christmas list for Santa.  Note how the double star means that she is “dying to get it.”  Good thing that Santa already thinks she has been a great girl this year…

11 29 IMG_0437

We took advantage of a night at home over Thanksgiving weekend.  We started out at Shakespeare’s South for great pizza.  It is always a fun time at Shakespeare’s!

11 28 IMG_0421

After dinner, we headed to the Candy Cane Crib.  I love this place!

11 28 IMG_0427

The family who owns the house was actually outside this year.  They generally hang out in the driveway on weekends to say hi to everyone who comes by.  They were nice enough to take our picture, and, of course, the kids each got a Candy Cane.

11 28 IMG_0424

Then, we headed to the Magic Tree.  Will Treelighter is still working on the tree.  The official lighting ceremony is December 3.  Normally, it would be completed by now, but with all the weird weather we had this past summer and fall, the tree was not ready for wrapping and lighting until recently.  We were actually stunned to see the row of light box storage…

11 28 IMG_0429

Even incomplete, the Magic Tree is beautiful!  We will be back to see the finished product soon!

11 28 IMG_0431

The Kassels were slow to get up this morning, but the kids were excited to discover that Chippy returned overnight!  Welcome back to our Elf!

11 27 IMG_0403

After a slow morning, we finally managed to get ourselves moving.  We all headed to St. Louis for some fun.  Originally, we were going to visit the St. Louis Arch, but we changed our plans because of the rain.  Instead, we spent the afternoon at the St. Louis City Museum with tunnels, slides, shows, and fun.  The kids all had a great time climbing around on everything.  Will and John hung out together…

11 27 IMG_0408

…and the girls all hung out together.

11 27 IMG_0407

Even the adults got in on the fun action.  Everyone traipsed to the top of the museum for a trip down the ten-story slide.

11 27 IMG_0413

The City Museum proved to be the right choice for everyone and we all had a great time!  We spent the rest of the evening hanging out in Jim and Jill’s hotel room at the Westin where we ate pizza from Pi Pizzeria.  It wasn’t the same as Giordano’s, but it was still decent pizza.  The Kassels finally headed back for Columbia about 10 pm.  It was hard to say goodbye, but we had a fun Thanksgiving with family.  The kids were obviously tired as both of them fell asleep within five minutes of getting in the truck.  Here’s Laura…

11 27 IMG_0416

…and John.

11 27 IMG_0418

What a great Thanksgiving!  Thanks to the BlumeNation and Dave, Kristena, and kids for all the fun.  We love you!

What a great, fun day!  Despite lots of food prep, it was still an easy, relaxed day with great family.  I made sure to take my traditional Thanksgiving picture of the kids.

11 26 IMG_0376

And I also snapped a great picture of Laura with her handsome Daddy.

11 26 IMG_0386

Everyone arrived shortly before noon for a day of family, fun, football, and food.  We spent the day taking the “usual” pictures, laughing, eating and just being together.  Exactly as Thanksgiving should be.

11 26 IMG_0382

The kids had a great time and, for me, it was especially great to see the older cousins spend lots of time with the younger cousins.  Will and John played the day away while the older girls hung out with Laura and Addyson.

11 26 IMG_0396

Us adults had lots of fun as well talking about old times, new times, and fun times.  The turkey (and the rest of the food) was amazing!  Andy outdid himself this year.

11 26 IMG_0394

We ended the day watching our beloved Chicago Bears put a hurt on the Green Bay Packers.  It doesn’t get any better than that!  Happy Thanksgiving!

Despite an extremely early start to our day (4:00 am to get the Beef Brisket on the smoker)…

11 25 IMG_0366

…and cleaning, cooking, baking, and prepping food most of the day…

11 25 IMG_0367

…it was all worth it when Jim, Jill, and the kids arrived followed shortly thereafter by Dave, Kristena, and the kids!  Family!  Let our Thanksgiving holiday officially begin!

11 25 IMG_0371

Love short school weeks.  It is sleepover time!

11 24 IMG_0365