Laura is moving on up!  After three months, she is moving up a level to Beginner II at Tiger Academy Gymnastics.  She was so excited when we told her.  Way to go kiddo!

01 29 IMG_8527

Laura had a Brownie activity at Green Tennis Center today.  The troop got to watch the Mizzou Women’s Tennis Team play a set and then get posters and pictures signed by them.  They also had a tennis lesson with one of the coaches.  When I picked up Laura, she couldn’t stop chattering about how awesome the Mizzou Women’s Tennis Team was.  Thanks to all those girls for making Laura’s day!  And… I have to buy a tennis racket and tennis balls now too.  :)

01 28 IMG_0831

I am having one of those days when you come home from work and pour a glass of wine, but then don’t drink it because you are depressed and afraid it will make you cry.  However, I’m going to beat that feeling back, tip my glass back, and say, “Here is to tomorrow being a better day!  Or at least not a big pile of poo.”

Laura received her bible from St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church today.  This is a tradition for all third graders.  She and Daddy went to a session with Pastor Paul yesterday to explore the new bible.  Laura was very excited to discover that there are stickers to help her mark specific passages.  She spent part of the day doing some reading in her new bible.  I did not see her use any stickers *yet,* but I suspect that is coming soon!

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…another birthday party at FlipzUSA.  Up this week was Annabelle, Laura’s best friend.

01 24 IMG_8520

Friday night dinner at TGI Friday’s is a great way to start the weekend!

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