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Sometimes all it takes is a push that you never knew you needed…


Sometimes, all you need is a bike and some time with your husband.  It was a great, Sunday afternoon ride even on my tired legs.  And, with just over 1,150 miles for 2018, I am officially over my total for all of last year!  Only 850 miles to get to my 2018 cycling goal!

Poor Boys

John and his friend, Caleb, are having just a miserable time at the pool today.  I feel so bad for them…

Just Another Friday Night

It is just another Friday night at the ballpark.

Beautiful Night

The weather system has moved through and it is raining.  The temperature has dropped thirty degrees.  It is beautiful and the air conditioning is off!


I am not sure this Mac and Cheese is quite what I wanted…

Oh well, I am not eating it, so I am sure it taste fine.

The Parenting Promised Land

It is the Parenting Promised Land.  Not only is Laura home this summer by herself (and loving every minute of it), but she is also doing her and John’s laundry.  For today, my work here is done.

Baseball Mom

The things you buy when you are a baseball mom…

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