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“Those Friends”

The days and years may pass, but when you see “those friends,” time has not gone by.  We spent an amazing evening with Mark and Jessica Hendrickson and their two kids, Roger and Lauren.  Mark is one of Andy’s oldest college friends and was the Best Man in our wedding.  To feed Mark’s craving, we went to Shakespeare’s Pizza for dinner.  He was amazed to find out that Columbia now has three locations.  We were joined by another couple and laughed a lot over pizza and drinks.

07 22 IMG_7440

We spent the rest of the evening hanging out by the pool at the Stoney Creek Inn.  What was supposed to be just an hour quickly turned into three hours of fun.  The adults chatted while the kids had a great time playing with the water cannons and chasing each other around.  Lauren and Laura are fast friends and made plans to begin using Skype to stay in touch.  I think two girls have begun a friendship made to last.  Just like their dads…

07 22 IMG_7451

I was so great to see them even if it was just for an evening.  They are definitely “those friends.”  It doesn’t matter how much time has gone by because when you see them again, absolutely nothing has changed.  Thanks for a great evening Hendricksons!  We love and miss you all lots!

07 22 IMG_7452


I took Laura over to Shelter Gardens today to complete Step 1 (a landscape) and Step 2 (a mood) of her Brownie Painting badge.  She began the landscape painting the beginning of June and chose to paint the waterfall area.  She ran out of time that day, so I bought some paints for her and took her back today to finish.  It was beautiful weather and she had a great time.

07 20 IMG_7427

I very much enjoyed watching Laura paint and it still amazes me just how good she is.  Several people stopped to compliment Laura on her landscape painting and most were surprised that she is only 8.  It was a great way to spend a couple of hours on a Sunday.

07 20 IMG_7431

He’s done…

It would appear that a morning trip to Chuck E. Cheese with Rachel and Alia and four hours of playing with a neighbor friend has done him in…

07 19 IMG_7413

He slept for nearly three hours and we had to wake him up for dinner.  Also, he had no trouble going to bed.  He was just a *little* worn out.



We have been dogsitting for our neighbors for the past week.  It has been fun having a beagle in the house again, but Newman is not a happy cat.  It is a good thing that Pippa goes home tomorrow because we have barely seen Newman this past week.  When she does come out of hiding, she loudly meows her displeasure.  I think that we might have to say no to future dogsitting until Newman no longer rules our roost.

07 18 IMG_7414

Even More Presents!

Uncle B, Aunt Rachel, and Alia stopped by to give the kids even more birthday presents.  John opened his first and found two Nerf Super Soakers!  His favorite is the one that you can add ice cubes to the water to make it extra cold.  I must remember not to be anywhere near John when that has water in it…

07 17 IMG_7405

Laura received art supplies.  Among the various things were a drawing pad, colored pencils, and oil pastels.  Laura cannot wait to try them out.

07 17 IMG_7412

Thanks Lowerys!!!  Laura and John love the birthday gifts!