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Sometimes all it takes is a push that you never knew you needed…

End of the Day

After a long day of laundry and cleaning, this is my reward – a good book and a glass of wine by the fire.

Move-in List

All the projects on our “move-in list” are officially done!  Andy and I finished up the laundry room/mudroom today.

We took everything out of the room and Andy began by adding more sets of hooks on the wall with the window.  He moved up the two sets that were there and added two more sets.  Now, we each have a set of hooks for our jackets and coats.

Then, he lowered the coat bar and added a shelf on top.  I moved the washer and dryer over slightly, so that I could turn the organizational shelf that we have in there sideways.  I reorganized everything and, now, we have everything needed in there for the small room to function as both a laundry room and mudroom.

Thanks to my awesome husband for all your hard work and for making it so that I can actually reach the bar to hang my coats!

Check Off Another Project

Andy finished the closet in his office today.  While the shelves were put in and filled last month…

….the doors had been off the track since we moved in.  It turns out that the hardware on the doors not only was installed incorrectly, but it also didn’t fit the track.  So, after a trip to Home Depot to get the correct hardware, Andy got it installed and the doors properly hung.

Check off another project from the list!  We have only the laundry room to go from our “move-in list” and, then, we can actually take a few moments to relax before we begin painting a few rooms!

What Do You Do?

What do you do on an ice day?

  • Relax.
  • Check the weather.
  • Enjoy the fire.
  • Watch movies and television.
  • Snack.

Good News!

We are supposed to get an ice storm beginning tomorrow.  I had assumed that Columbia Public Schools would take an inclement weather day, and my suspicions were confirmed at noon.

Then, us adults got news that the University of Missouri would also be in full closure not too long after the notice for the kids!

I am never too old to be excited about a day off (though I could do without a lot of ice…)!


Our living room windows have been driving Andy crazy, so he decided to give both the insides and outsides a good cleaning today.  Thank you to him because I *hate* cleaning windows!


Andy and John came home from the Missouri men’s basketball game with these posters.  One is a tiger picture collage of the football team and the other is of the men’s basketball team based on the “Rogue One:  A Star Wars Story” movie poster.  I am looking forward to getting frames for these and hanging them in John’s bedroom.  They will look great!


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