Hard Work

Over the last two days, three of my administrative team members and I worked to clean the supply closet at work. I cannot believe how good it felt to get rid of the mountains of junk that had accumulated over the last 15 years…

We still had transparency film for overhead projectors, and a lot of other things that would never be used. We made three trips to the dumpster and added a lot to our surplus pile. The end result is worth it! We finally have an organized closet and no junk. We will be sending four bookshelves to surplus and have excess space.

We felt so good when completed! We will tackle the kitchen next week. Wish us luck…

Baseball Family

Players come and go in competitive sports. It is just part of it. Sometimes, you have to make the hard decision so that your kid can grow as both a player and a person. When you finally make that decision to change, it is so much harder than most people realize because you are moving onto a new sport family and leaving behind the sport family you love. The See family made that decision earlier this year and Jackson is now playing for the Titans Elite. Every now and then though, you get to see one of those families and it’s like nothing has changed at all.

We love you, See family! It was great to see you all tonight and watch Jackson 5 play some ball!