We got our yearly family pictures taken this evening at the Pinnacles Youth Park north of Columbia.  What a great place for pictures!  I can’t wait to see the results.

10 22 IMG_7771

Laura’s teacher sent this to Andy and I today.  I am highly amused that she wrote the letter to Andy and even *more* amused at the content.  The kid is good.

10 21 Laura's Letter

Well, I have been fighting a cold for over a week.  On Saturday, I started to notice that my hearing in my left ear was reduced.  By this morning, it was throbbing and I could not hear at all.  After a trip to the doctor, I now have a prescription for a massive left ear infection.  While looking at my left ear, the doctor said, “Now, that is just a lovely shade of purple.  Unfortunately, that shouldn’t be what I see when looking inside your ear.”  Fantastic.  No wonder it hurts like hell.

10 20 IMG_7768

We returned home about 2 pm today to a relatively quiet house.  Both Laura and John were busy playing with friends.  About 4 pm, Laura returned home and wanted to watch television while laying on our bed.  It took about five minutes for her to fall asleep.  Given that she was diagnosed with strep throat on Friday and had a sleepover on Saturday, it was no surprise that she was tired.  Well, let’s just say that waking up for dinner and the bedtime routine was simply not easy.  We had a meltdown.  A crying, whining meltdown that lasted about thirty minutes.  Fortunately, she calmed down and ate a bit of dinner and went to bed peacefully, but the girl that is “never tired” was tired!

10 19 IMG_7764

We spent today at different activities for the fraternity.  In the morning, Andy went to a Sigma Chi Ritual Reenactment.  While he was there, I spent time at the University Bookstore and took a drive around Macomb.  I visited the old homestead at 126 Chandler Blvd.  So many great memories in that house!

10 18 IMG_7760

Andy and I ate lunch at Jackson Street Pub and headed to West Pierce Liquors for some beer.  West Pierce is a Macomb staple and the liquor store of choice.  Of course, we had to buy can koozies.  We can’t let our hands get cold while tailgating, right?!?

10 18 IMAG0687

Soon, we headed to QLot for tailgating with the Sigs.  Fun afternoon spent with great, old friends!

10 18 WP_004545

We wrapped up the day at the celebration banquet and time at the Sigma Chi house.  A great, great way to wrap up the weekend.  It was so much fun and I am so glad that we went.  We are already looking forward to the next one!

10 18 IMAG0691

Happy 25th Anniversary to the Iota Omicron chapter at Western Illinois University!  Andy and I travelled back to WIU today for the anniversary celebration.  It is so great to see everyone and to get a chance to relive the college days.

10 17 IMAG0679

We spent the evening hanging out with friends and just enjoying being back together.  It occurred to me that no matter how many years go by (and it’s been quite a few), when you see these friends, no time has passed at all.  Love them!  Great beginning to the weekend!

10 17 IMAG0682