John is all ready to go to his Cub Scout Pack meeting in his uniform complete with neckerchief, slide, and patches.  I think he looks great!

10 16 IMG_7759

Nothing of significance happened today, so you will have to settle for a picture of cute kids!

10 15 IMG_7756

I needed an excuse to use up some frozen pumpkin puree.  Insert Pumpkin Muffins!  We shall see if this recipe is any good…

10 14 IMG_7755

Andy is off to ride in the 50-mile HoBoCo Fall Classic to raise money for cancer research.  I am so proud of him for continuing on with riding after the MS 150.  Go Andy!  We love you!

10 12 IMG_7753

Painful.  Painful.  Painful.  I have seen Mizzou play some poor football before, but this game took the cake.  Painful.  Painful.  Painful.  Thank goodness for great friends and great tailgate food!

10 11 IMAG0674

Bring on the Gold Rush – Mizzou vs. Georgia (even though we had to buy gold shirts just for *this* game)!  Looking forward to a great Mizzou football game – and breakfast tailgating – with great friends!

10 10 IMG_7750