Camp Mudd Family Night

I don’t know if John will go to Camp Mudd next summer, so we have to enjoy what could be his penultimate Family Night. John was in the “oldest oldest” group this week and he has had a lot of fun! He is very much looking forward to sleeping at Counselor’s Ring and staying up all night.

Martini Tuesday

I am officially declaring it, “Martini Tuesday.” I am sitting at my dining room table answering all those emails that came in while I was in seven hours of meetings today. I am only complaining a little bit as I work three more hours at home. Who’s in?


Happy, Happy 11th Birthday to my Little Man! I can’t believe you start middle school in the fall. I love that you love baseball (just as much as I loved volleyball); I love that you love Scouts; and I love that you are your Dad’s mini-me. I hope you enjoy your first day at Camp Mudd and that you have a GREAT birthday! I love you, John Buddy!


And, just like that, Laura went from this…

…to this.

How is she a teenager? It happened in the blink of an eye. She is the best combination of her dad and me with some uniqueness thrown in for good measure. She is super smart, determined, fun, and so much more. She wanted Kobe Japanese Steakhouse for dinner, so that is where we went. Happy 13th birthday, Red! WE LOVE YOU!

Big Tree Cycling Picnic

It was a hot afternoon at the park, but a fun one. The Kassel family spent the afternoon at the Big Tree Cycling team picnic. We enjoyed fun with teammates and their families, good food, and drinks. We also got to celebrate Lauren turning 29! HBD to one of my besties!


Andy has been working from home most of this week because some work is being done on the parking lot area where he works. He and the kids have been to the pool, rode their bikes to Mugs Up for lunch, and just generally had fun times together.