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Roadside Oddities

This book came home with John from Summer School today.

06 30 IMG_0677

I am completely amused at the content!  We have actually been to the Corn Palace in South Dakota.  I must admit, though, that Barney Smith’s Toilet Seat Art Museum scared me a bit.  However, I am sure that the day will come that the Kassel Family stops there while on a road trip to Texas…

06 30 IMG_0678

Award of Excellence

Laura won an Award of Excellence in her Rocket Design class at EEE Summer School.  Congratulations Laura!

06 29 IMG_0676


Happy, Happy Birthday to this “young one”!  Our first baby is 21 today!  She has been part of our family since before Andy and I were married.  She has always “ruled the roost” and we love her even though she is a massive pain in the butt!  Love you Newman!  (Yes, she is named after Newman on “Seinfeld”.  She is that old.)

06 28 IMAG0416

Father and Son

06 27 IMG_0675

What Sunday Afternoons Are For


06 26 IMG_0672

Ice Cream

The homemade Blueberry Ice Cream is churning!

06 25 IMAG0413

Doesn’t it look yummy?!?  Does anyone want to try some?

06 25 IMAG0414

Selfie Fun!

06 24 IMAG0411

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