It is Jack-O-Lantern Night in the Kassel Household!  First, Andy cut the tops off the pumpkins and then I scooped the guts!  It is truthfully one of my favorite parts…

10 29 IMG_7838

Second, the kids drew the faces that they wanted on paper so that Daddy has something to copy.  John was very specific this year.  He wanted a happy pumpkin.

10 29 IMG_7843

Laura wanted a mix of different things.  Originally, she wanted a one-eyed pumpkin, but that changed by this evening.

10 29 IMG_7844

Third, Andy uses his artistic skills to transfer the kids’ pumpkin face designs to the actual pumpkins.

10 29 IMG_7846

Fourth, Andy carves and carves until the pumpkins are satisfactory to all.  This is actually never in question, because Andy is an excellent Jack-O-Lantern carver.

10 29 IMG_7848

Lastly, the finished Jack-O-Lanterns are placed in their new home on our front porch for all to enjoy.

10 29 IMG_7856

…that it is almost Halloween?  Well…

1.  The 10 pounds of Stew Meat (5 pounds of Pork and 5 pounds of Beef) is in our refrigerator and ready to be made into Chili!

10 28 IMG_7827

2.  The Big Spider has returned to the front of our house!

10 28 IMG_7829

I am so very relieved to know that John likes us.  I love reading the stories the kids bring home from school for this exact reason!

10 27 IMG_7826

Despite our unseasonably warm weather, it is still Fall!  I can prove that because today I purchased carving pumpkins and pie pumpkins.  I am looking forward to cooking down these three pie pumpkins and making all kinds of different things with fresh pumpkin puree.

10 26 IMG_7823

After breakfast, Laura and I returned to Columbia, leaving Andy and John behind at the Cub Scout campout for a night with the boys.  It turned out to be a lot of fun for them.  John very much enjoyed being one of the Cub Scouts and it was beautiful 80-degree weather.

10 25 IMG_7804

Along with a lot of playing and running around the campground, the Cub Scouts took a trip into Arrow Rock and did some exploring.  Upon returning to the campground, dinner was prepared for the group – Rotisserie Chicken, Smoked Pork Steaks, and Potatoes (25 pounds of them) all cooked over the fire.  It was quite the dinner!

10 25 IMG_7814

Both exhausted from a very busy day, Andy and John went to bed about 9:30.  I would say that the first Cub Scout campout was quite the success!

It is John’s first Cub Scout campout ever this weekend!  To begin the weekend, Laura and I joined Andy and John.  We spent the evening hanging out at Arrow Rock State Historic Site with some other Cub Scouts and their families.  What a gorgeous night with a ton of stars, new friends, and a campfire.  It was a great start to the weekend!

10 24 IMG_7781