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Sometimes all it takes is a push that you never knew you needed…

New Microwave Hood

Our new, low profile microwave hood is in!  I am excited to finally have all stainless steel appliances in the house even if one is not actually installed yet.  I am also looking forward to seeing this in place.  It is roughly one foot tall and is substantially smaller than our old one.

New Bike Day!

After a tough, first baseball tournament for the Withrow Shockers, John was feeling pretty depressed on the way home this morning.  He laid around in his bed and did not really want to talk to anyone.  That all changed when Andy took him up to CycleX to pick up his new bike.  I think that smile just says it all.

Thanks to John Wilkinson at CycleX for helping to find the perfect bike for our John.  I missed his “new bike day” ride (Daddy got that honor), but these pictures do my heart good.  I love that smile!

First Tournament Ever

John and the Withrow Shockers had their first tournament ever today.  While the results were not what the team wanted as they lost both games, they did play well at times.  If they can learn to finish with solid defense, they are going to be tough to beat.

New Painting

It is our family as cacti painted by our own Laura K.  I love it!


Dad gets to present son with his Webelos rank!  Congratulations John!


The Withrow Electric Shockers play their first tournament games this weekend.  Good luck to the boys!

What Cats “Say”

“Um…  Older human?  Can you make the Younger Human go away?!?”

“Hello Human.  I am patiently waiting to lick the bowl.  Hurry please.”

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