John finally got tired of his “COVID hair.”

Neither he nor Andy have wanted to go to the barber shop with everything going on, so John finally asked Andy to cut his hair.

The hair is gone! Now, to figure out what to do about Andy’s hair, because I am not cutting it…

The Latest Drawing

Laura’s artistic abilities continue to amaze me. This is Violet Markey from All the Bright Places.

This one is pencil on sketch paper and it took her about a week to finish.

I think it really is time to have her start taking formal art lessons.

Next Step Complete!

John’s computer is in his room.

He has two new shelves on either side of the closet door.

We just need to hang two bats and two baseballs on the wall and wait for the desk chair to arrive. The pre-teen room is nearly complete.


She loves to read anyway, but, since all the stuff with COVID started, this kid has been reading. And reading. And reading some more.

Oh, and she’s reading. A lot. A lot, a lot, a lot. Amazon loves me because Laura is reading. Everything. In. Sight.

She is averaging a book a day. I think she actually reads faster than me, and I can knock out a 300-page book in just under seven hours. Of course, my mom, who could read a 300-page book in four hours, would be so proud, but she would also laugh at my predicament of attempting to keep enough books in the house to handle Laura’s reading habit. Good times.