Parking Lot

It has been five months in the making, but my work parking lot is finally getting the repairs it desperately needed. By Monday, the stripes will be back. It is funny how excited everyone is for a new parking lot. This is my work life these days – fixing all the things that were neglected for years. I love it!


The Assessment Resource Center is getting some upgrades this week. Our conference room was first. The new table and cabinet look sleek! I cannot even say how much of an upgrade this really is because I could not bring myself to take a picture of that old, ugly, oval-shaped, gray table with the seriously scratched up wood trim and the other mismatched furniture. Now, we just have to hang the pictures on the wall.

My office also got an upgrade with a new table and two bookshelves. My new tabletop does not wobble! No matter what we did with the old one, the top would not tighten. Now, it is on its way to University Surplus Property and the land of the junk furniture. The new bookshelves also forced me to go through everything that used to be on my old bookshelf. I made two trips to the recycle bin and one to the dumpster. It was time to purge.

The biggest change of all is coming tomorrow to This is a screenshot of our current home page.

At about 9 am tomorrow morning, this will be just a small part of our new home page.

Cross your fingers that the launch goes well! It has been a great week to be Interim Director.

BikeMS – Day 1

The kids and I arrived at the start-finish line about 6:45 am. We got there just in time to take a pictures of the team before they rolled out.

Best of luck to all the riders, but especially my rider! The wife in me is worried about him because he has only been taking antibiotics for two days. They cyclist in me knows that he is a strong rider and will be fine.

It was a stressful day for me. Despite not having much to do other than help around the team tent, I was very anxious. I was relieved to see Andy when he arrived for lunch. I was even more relieved to see him and another BTC team member who is fighting bronchitis cross the finish line! I will kick his ass later for not listening to the doctor, but, for right now, I am very proud of that husband of mine. One hundred miles while recovering from diverticulitis is no small feat.