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Sometimes all it takes is a push that you never knew you needed…

Night Out

Andy and I get a night out with just us tonight to attend the Fifth Birthday party for Big Tree Cycling.  It should be a fun night with Andy’s bicycling team.  Looking forward to it!

Good Morning!

Mail and Key Holder

I finally got around to getting a new mail and key holder.  We have to have someplace to hold the key card for the pool in our subdivision!

2016 Ornaments

The kids received their 2016 Christmas ornaments from Bronner’s today.  Laura chose a gymnastics ornament and John chose a baseball ornament.

New Curtains

I finally got some new curtains for our dining room.  I’m not completely happy with the way they are hung, but I can always change that later.

Cub Scout Popcorn and Meats

Thank you to everyone who bought popcorn and meats from John this year!  We had a much smaller sales year because of the move, but we still sold some.  Thanks everyone!

Santa’s Workshop in Foam

Some years during Christmas season, I buy a foam craft from Michael’s for the kids and I to do together.  They love it and I get to spend some time crafting with them.  This year, I bought Santa’s Workshop and let’s just say that I chose “poorly.”  This thing was 200 pieces and the instructions were terrible.  I ended up doing most of it by myself and it took about two hours to put it all together!


In the end, the kids got to help with the final steps and they were both excited with the final result.  Despite Laura and John both declaring it “awesome,” I will be more picky with my foam craft choice next year…


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