This is the bedding for the bunk beds along with a matching pet bed for “The Girls” – otherwise known as Laura’s American Girl dolls – that Laura will be receiving for Christmas from Santa Claus.  I wanted to set up the whole thing to take the picture, but the bedding and bunk beds came wrapped with stickers that say “Created with Love by Santa’s Helper for Someone Special”.  I was able to get the bedding out and then put it away easily, but I didn’t want to chance the beds.  It is so beautiful and Laura is going to love it!!!

11 17 IMG_8007

International Girl’s Day is one of Laura’s favorite Girl Scout events each year.  As with year’s past, she had a great time at the MU Kappa Delta house exploring different cultures.  Laura especially loved her Kappa Delta guide and really enjoyed hanging out with her for two hours.  Laura got to make crafts, have fun in the photo booth, watch a fashion show, eat “yummy” cupcakes, and add stickers for each country to her “passport.”  Laura was sad that the “time went sooooo fast,” and she declared, “I can’t wait until next year!”

11 16 IMG_8003

It was a night out for all the Kassels.  Laura and John went to the Activity and Recreation Center (ARC) for the annual Camp Mudd Reunion.  The kids were very excited to see all their counselors and friends from camp this past summer and to have the run of the ARC, including the awesome swimming pool, for the evening.  Since the kids were busy, we took the opportunity to go to dinner and watch Mizzou Football with the Dothages.  We went to Rio Grande for dinner and then on to Truman’s to watch the rest of the game.  What a fun, great evening filled with great friends, good food, drinks, and relaxation.

11 15 IMAG0713

While their big sisters were at a Brownie meeting, the Creech boys – Wilson and Jackson – came to play!  The boys had a great time!

11 14 IMG_7990

It is the end of the first trimester at Ridgeway Elementary and time for Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences!  We picked up the kids after school and stopped in at the Scholastic Book Fair.  We bought two books for each kid and one for each of their classrooms.  Then, we met with Laura’s teacher, Mrs. Sandstedt.  Laura is doing well.  She just needs to work on motivating herself to assign herself more homework in Math.  Then, we met with John’s teacher, Mrs. Hanney.  He is doing well, but just needs a bit more confidence in reading.  He is “almost there.”  He also needs help on his math subtraction facts, but he is good with his math addition facts.  Great job to both kids!

11 13 IMG_7988