See how happy ibuprofen makes two sick kids?  They even had fun at the doctor’s office.  Ibuprofen is the wonder drug.

04 20 IMAG0009

Instead of wearing her new leotard and performing at the Tiger Academy of Gymnastics “Around the World” Invitational,

04 19 IMG_9169

Laura is sleeping.  Damn cold and sore throat…

04 19 IMG_9170

We have one disappointed girl who worked very hard to learn the routines so that she could perform.  She was very much looking forward to learning how competitions work and earning that medal at the end.  So sad.

We attended the Missouri Beer Festival again this year.  Just like last year, we had VIP tickets that allowed us to enter the event an hour early.  I love not waiting in line!  I really enjoyed this year’s festival and found a beer from Rock Bridge Brewery here in Columbia that is going to have to become a staple in this household.  It was called Option #2 (it won the People’s Choice award!) and is a milk stout with vanilla hazelnut coffee flavor.  Seriously, I could see myself substituting this beer for my morning coffee.  It was that good!  It was a great way to spend the afternoon with my husband and friends.  A special thanks to Jeremy for watching the kids for us!

04 18 IMAG0003

It was time.  We are now the proud owners of brand new HTC One (M8) cell phones.  This is a special thanks to my husband for going to Best Buy to get them on his own.  It was really nice being able to stay home.  Now, to finish the set-up…
04 17 IMG_9167

See the big, blank spot on the wall in our living room?!?  Well, I have been wanting to hang a painting from Laura in that big, blank spot.  I have a coupon from Michael’s and I am going to use that as motivation to finally get that painting framed so that I can cover that big, blank spot.  Now, to remember that I need to cover that big, blank spot tomorrow…

04 16 IMG_9165

I just realized I forgot to take a picture today.  Oh well…  Hey, I was a little busy walking 12,000+ steps.  :)