This is what I am thankful for…  Great letters that come home in Laura’s backpack.  I don’t get teary-eyed at much, but this did it.

11 25 IMG_8048

I got to join John today at the Unit A Thankful Feast at Ridgeway Elementary.  It is a unique event that teaches about and celebrates Thanksgiving.  I am sad because this is the last Thankful Feast for the Kassel Family.  It is hard to believe that four of these have come and gone.  The kids all had a great time!  They got to eat snacks, talk, and just enjoy themselves.  I even got a bit of fun in because I got to tease John about having a girlfriend!  Meet Reagan…

11 24 IMG_8045

Isn’t she a super cutie?!?  Apparently, John and Reagan are not allowed to be partners in class because they are too disruptive…  Love it!

John’s Cub Scout Pack walked in the Holiday Parade today.  Laura’s Girl Scout Troop did not participate this year, which made it nice for Laura.  She actually got to watch the entire parade and she really cleaned up in the candy department!  Despite a misty, rainy day, the actual parade was dry.  It was a short parade, but we enjoyed ourselves.  John even delivered candy to us!  It was a nice way to kick off the Holiday Season.11 23 IMAG0034

This is my weekend “to do” list.  It’s long…  Here’s to hoping I can get it all done!

11 22 IMG_8026

Since Laura began Unit B last year, she brings home her Family Communication Journal, or FCJ, every Friday.  In it, she writes a short letter to either Andy or myself about her week at school.  It has been very interesting to watch her writing change and grow.  Her spelling is improving (thanks to a lot of help from Andy) and we can read nearly every word she writes.  It is a great way to learn writing skills and communicate about your week with your family.

11 21 IMG_8027

John is officially a Tiger Cub!  His Den was recognized this evening at the Cub Scout Pack meeting for earning their Bobcat badge.  He was very proud to receive his Tiger Cub Immediate Recognition Emblem along with five earned beads.  Great job Den 8 and John!

11 20 IMG_8016