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Sometimes all it takes is a push that you never knew you needed…

Resident Frog

This little frog hangs out in one of our outdoor plant pots.


Ear Infection…

This is my son with the ear infection.  Acting completely normal minus the fact that he says his ear hurts “a bit,” and he can’t hear out of his right ear.  He has had no fever and no other symptoms.  I took him to Mizzou Quick Care where the Nurse Practioner tugged on his ear a bit after looking at it and asked, “Are you sure it doesn’t hurt when I pull on your ear?”  John said, “No!” with a very annoyed tone because she asked him three times.  She looked at me and said, “Wow, he must have a really high tolerance for pain because his ear is purple.  If my ear looked like that, I would be crying on the floor.”  Yep.  That’s my boy.


Back to School Night

It was Back to School Night for Units B and C at Ridgeway Elementary tonight.  We visited John’s classroom and teachers first.  John’s project was a book – The Important Thing About Me.


Next, we visited Laura’s classroom and teacher.  She was excited to show us her class job.  She is currently Schedule Helper.


Laura’s class made T-shirts about themselves that listed all of their favorite things.


The kids are doing well and having fun.  It hit me as we left the school that this was our last Back to School Night with Laura.  I cannot believe it.  I need to make sure I take lots of pictures this year!

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Fall baseball pictures have arrived!  This is John’s individual picture.


This is the team collage.


Just One of Those Days…

…where I didn’t even take my camera out of my purse.  Sometimes, it happens.

Morning Glory

Andy has been planting morning glories around our mailbox for years, but this year is apparently the perfect year for them.  They are so pretty with all the flowers!



John’s baseball game is cancelled.  It has been a long week and I am tired, so for that reason, I am not sad.  However, John loves baseball and he really wanted to play.  Oh well.


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