…and snuggled on the couch.

05 03 IMG_0302

Let Spring Baseball begin!

05 02 IMG_0296

Despite ending the fall season with a hard-hit baseball to his face and me wondering if he would be afraid of the ball, John started spring baseball with a bang.

05 02 IMG_0297

Caught a high pop fly, worked hard to field balls, made great throws to first, and had a couple of good hits.  Proud of this kid for bouncing back!  #nofear

05 02 IMG_0300

It was a typical Sunday.  In between Sunday School, Girls Scouts, Cub Scouts, and laundry, I had to get our breakfast, lunch, and snack prep done.

05 01 IMG_0289

That means eight Sausage and eight Bacon Breakfast Sandwiches for Andy, Energy Bites for Laura’s daily school snack, Goldfish for John’s daily school snack, 24 Breakfast Burritos for me, and refilling the kids’ snack container.

05 01 IMG_0290

Finally, all done!  Now, I think I will reward myself with a glass of wine…

Laura went to a birthday party today for her friend, Bethany.  Laura had a great time!  They got to paint, eat pizza, and enjoy desserts.  I was very proud of Laura because Bethany’s mom told me that Laura was very polite, helpful, and relaxed.  Sarah said that she wished the other girls had been that way.  Love this kid!

04 30 IMG_0292

The sh** hit the fan at work today, culminating in my supervisor cleaning out his office and quitting.  I cannot say that I am sad because his definition of being a fair boss is absolutely incorrect.  You cannot berate employees – I was only on the receiving end two times – and think that you are giving “constructive criticism.”  By the end of the day, our team already had a path forward.  I work with a great team and I am absolutely lucky!  Here is to the future!  And, yes, I am drinking many martinis…  This week was extremely stressful.  If I wake up hung over tomorrow, then so be it.  Monday is a new day and I fully intend to seize the day.

04 29 IMAG0346

Yes, my daughter is learning how to make a rocket out of a two-liter bottle at school.  She brought the “Star Flyer” home for some final adjustments.  The fins need a bit more duct tape and the rocket needs some more decoration.  Let me repeat.  She is building a rocket.  At school.  I really want to be a kid again.

04 28 IMG_0287

Astronomy Club is just one of the many awesome things about Ridgeway Elementary!  Tonight, Laura and John got to go to the University of Missouri Physics Building to Laws Observatory.  After a presentation on the moon, they got the opportunity to see the telescope and then look through it at Jupiter!  I had two excited, excited kids!  While we were waiting for them to focus the telescope, we went on the roof of the Physics Building to look at the dome over the telescope.

04 27 IMG_0284

Once everything was set up, we went inside to see Jupiter’s Great Red Spot on the computer monitor.  Our guide said that it was “staring right at us.”

04 27 IMAG0344

As the kids lined up to take their turns, there were all so excited.  John looked through the telescope first.

04 27 IMG_0285

Then, Laura got her opportunity.

04 27 IMG_0286

The kids talked all the way home about the great evening.  Thanks to Mr. Gramke for setting it up!