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Babysitter Certification

Laura took the American Red Cross babysitter certification class today through Girl Scouts.  She was so excited when she got home, and she can’t wait to get her official certificate.  If you need a babysitter, let me know!  I am pretty sure a certain Red would love to watch your kids.

Boy Scout Troops

John and Andy spent the day visiting three Boy Scout troops.  They began the day with Troop 6.  Things didn’t go quite as expected.  No one was really prepared for a five-mile hike in the mud.  John was one of the first to fall.

He recovered, but it took a while as he was mad at himself for falling.  After lunch and a stop at home to change clothes and clean up a bit, John and Andy headed off to the afternoon with Troop 706.  They actually had a trebuchet and the boys got to watch pumpkin chunking!  John thought this was particularly cool.

They spent the evening with Troop 4 eating great food.  John was impressed with the dump cake.  John has a big decision to make and I can only hope that today will help him start down that path!


We went to tell John it was time to go to bed and found him like this.


How is that our air conditioning was just on yesterday?!?

New Dining Room Decoration

Award Band

Laura has decided to audition for Award Band, which is made up of seventh and eighth grade students from around the school district.  It will be her first time auditioning for anything and she is nervous and excited.  She said that she may not be selected, but it is important to try.  I am proud of her for stepping outside her comfort zone!

Cat Life

There is apparently nothing better than a stack of reusable shopping bags and a ring from a mayonnaise jar…

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