...to the stories of our every day. It's memories, funny stories, spilled milk, frustration, happiness, laughter, love, fun, fear, smiles, sadness, highs, lows, and life never to be forgotten all because Jill unknowingly gave me "the push."

Sid Weber Barbecue

Andy and I went to St. Louis for the evening to attend the annual Sid Weber Barbecue for Sigma Chi.  As with previous years, the food was fantastic and it was a great time!  Andy and I spent the evening talking to fraternity brothers from all over the St. Louis area, including one of Andy’s brothers from his days at WIU.  One of the highlights for me was listening to the men sing “The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi.”  I really do love that song!  Unfortunately, the four hours flew by and we were back on the road for home too quickly.  I will be tired tomorrow, but it was well worth it.  Thanks to Uncle Jeremy for watching the kids so Andy and I could go!

09 25 IMAG0660

Back to School Night

It was Back to School Night for Units B and C at Ridgeway Elementary.  It was great to see Laura’s classrooms and look at a bit of her work.  Laura was very proud to show off the short book she wrote and to show us around.  I can’t believe she is in third grade already and this is our fourth Back to School Night!  Time flies…

09 23 IMG_7729

D & D Farm Animal Sanctuary & Rescue

We went to the Open House fundraiser for D & D Farm Animal Sanctuary & Rescue this afternoon.  The farm is roughly three miles from our house and it is a sanctuary/rescue for all different kinds of animals, including big cats.  The place is very impressive.  They do great work with so many different types of animals on limited funds.  I was most impressed by the large variety of animals that they have rescued – birds, big cats, foxes, turtles, wolves, and so on…  Of all the animals, my favorite was the Liger.  What a beautiful big cat!

09 21 IMG_7707

We all had a great time and the kids want to go next time there is an open house.  We will also be donating some supplies, like our baby swimming pool that we no longer need.  If you live in Columbia, check this place out.  You won’t be disappointed!

09 21 IMG_7712

Trip to Astoria

We went to Astoria today to see my Mom and Dad, along with my sister and her family.  It was a quick day trip, but I am glad we went.  It was great to see everyone even if it was just for a few hours.  Mom is hanging in there and Dad is doing well.  The kids had a great time seeing Grandma and Grandpa and playing with cousin Thomas.  I did a little searching in the basement to see if I could find my old Girl Scout Brownie sash because I thought Laura would like to see it.

09 20 IMG_7734

I was able to find it, and Laura’s first comment was, “My fun patches would NEVER fit on the back of that sash, Mom!”  Now, she is trying to figure out if we earned any of the same badges.  I am hoping to get back to Astoria soon for another visit!   Maybe I can find my Girl Scout Junior Sash on the next visit…